Friday, March 31, 2017

Miracle product for Statin induce neuropathy of the hands - AVEENO POSITIVELY AGELESS Skin Strengthening Hand Cream.

For years I have suffered with statin induced neuropathy in my hands. No matter what dosage of a statin I ingest, within two days of starting a protocol, my fingers first become numb, then extremely painful. It starts in the pinkie fingers and proceeds toward my thumbs.

The pain becomes so intense after about two years, that I have to go off the drug for a period of time. Within two or three weeks, the pain starts to slowly subside, and depending on the dosage and medication, it has taken up to two yeasr for the pain to recede completely and the numbness may never completely leave.  I have never been pain and numbness free.

Lipitor, Zocor and Crestor gave me the best results as far as cholesterol  reduction went but the worst side effects and took the  longest for any cessation of pain or numbness. In fact, after Crestor I tried not returning to statins for a while, substituting Slo-Niacin and other supplements in the hopes I could avoid the dreaded statins, but my blood results were too  poor and I had to return to statins and the resultant pain and numbness.

About two months ago I discovered what may well be a miracle solution to the pain and numbness in my hands while still taking my statin - AVEENO POSITIVELY AGELESS Skin Strengthening Hand Cream . A friend recommended that I try it because the skin on my hands was looking old and papery (at 70, it shouldn't necessarily look like a baby's bottom, but I was getting paper cuts very easily while doing a lot of packing of the "stuff" around the house)

Two days of using this miracle cream and not only had the pain subsided in all fingers in both hands, but the numbness has subsided completely in my left hand and in all but the thumb and index finger of my right hand. and I no longer get papercuts so easily. It has made an amazing difference in the strength of the skin on my hands.  And best of all, I have been able to cut back on the NSAIDS that I was taking for the pain in my hands.

I still wear my hand braces to bed at night as I have a tendency to scrunch up my hands in my sleep and wake up with cramps when I don't wear them , but the shear bliss of being able to pick up a coin with my fingers and actually feel the coin. (Before, I would have to look at the coin and use my fingernails to pry the coin from the table, and I couldn't feel the coin as I was lifting it).

 After close to 20 years of pain and suffering, all I can say is "thanks, Aveeno! You've given me a blessing. "

I found tubes of the cream at my local CVS for under $8, and One tube has lasted me for more than a month. So this is cheaper than the bottle of NSAIDs and a whole lot easier on my kidneys and  liver. And my massage therapist even remarked how soft my hands had become last week!

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